Monday, June 4, 2012

News From Elder Brimhall

Elder Brimhall is doing great.  He has repented and is writing better letters to us!!  We love to hear from him.  He has moved from Conway and his new area is Simpsonville.  He says it’s pretty awesome and feels honored to be there.  He was made district leader and is making huge goals for him and his new companion. They are both really motivated and Elder Brimhall loves it!!  In one week they got 19 new investigators.  His words were… It’s insane but awesome. Thank you so much for your prayer!  We need them to baptize and I know prayer really does work.

From another letter….I have been biking like 40 miles a day.  It has been cool the last few days because of the rain, but it has been like 85-90 and with the humidity it's unbelievable.

This week was a little slow, but I still had an awesome time because I love being a missionary! 

Something cool I have been thinking about was that the Lord is pleased or favors those who endure with a good heart through afflictions.  I was reading 1 Nephi 1:1 and I really liked when Nephi says: he has seen many afflictions in all his days, nevertheless he was highly favored of the Lord.

Elder Brimhall tells a funny story about his last Companion Elder Chapman, (I hope Elder Chapman doesn’t get mad at me for sharing this)…Elder Chapman is deathly scared of bugs. Seriously deathly scared and almost killed me because of it!

 So we were driving home at the end of the night going about 45 mph and Elder Chapman heard a buzzing sound so he did the only logical thing he could do.  He slammed on the brakes and let go of the steering wheel, swinging his arms trying to knock the bug away.  He really freaked me out.  We managed to make it home and when we did Chapman ran inside.

I was making fun of him the whole time.  But wait, when I was getting ready to shower I picked up my towel and heard the “Buzzing”.  I dropped my towel and ran leaving the “MONSTER” in the room with Elder Chapman.  We found out it was like a bee the size of a walnut. 
Elder Brimhall and Elder Chapman having some fun...

This is how beautiful it is where Elder Brimhall is...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update From Elder Brimhall

I just got a bunch of pictures from our Elder Brimhall and a video I want to try and post.
Also posting some interesting parts from his letters...

Dear Family,
I am baptizing two girls this Wednesday the 15th and a few people on the 25th of this month.

Everything is good and no more bike wrecks lately.

The members feed us all the time so we have plenty of food! :)  Myrtle Beach would be awesome to be at if I could actually go in the water.  The weather is pretty good, but if anything like North Carolina in the summers its going to be brutal.  I am saving for a GPS so I'm not lost out of my mind all the time and so I can save everyone's address so I can visit em all in the future.

I can see the Lords hand in things everyday, it's crazy.  I have promised people blessings if they follow the commandments.  I have come closer to the Spirit than I have ever been in my life.


Guess Elder Brimhall got tired.

Elder Brimhall's Many Signs

Elder Brimhall's Art

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I tried to scan in Chris' letters so you could get it straight from the Elders mouth!!  I thought it would be fun to see his hand written letters on here, but after I scanned them I couldn't read them. So instead I will type some out and summarize others until someone smarter than me can figure out how to post the originals. I will keep the wording the same so you can still see "Chris' style" come through!!

This is the first letter we got from him...

Dear My Family,

I really hope all is well back home.
I'm loving it here, at the MTC.  My district is really Awesome!  My companion Elder Mckell is such a fun person.  We are always joking and having fun.  Don't get me wrong though,  we both know when it's time to be serious and do our work!  It's crazy cool that I just met everyone a few days ago and we are all like... straight up great buddies.
The food here, I think, is actually dang good.  Only one problem,  it gives you gas... even all the sister...  Eww, nasty.  Haha, naww it's not too bad, most of the time its silent.  
Anyway here is a break down of what I have been doing here; I sing, pray, study, learn, pray, study pray, and repeat 10 times a day.  Throw in some chow breaks and BAM! you have my day. 
At home I had a 15 min. limit or I was in critical danger of taking a nap, but here I'm seriously trying to do my very best.  To do everything I'm suppose to do. 
I will be at the MTC until Dec. 19th so feel free to give my address out, but let them all know I will have a new address in  three weeks.
I look forward to hearing from everyone, I like writing letters!
Well as a missionary I guess I should give a spiritual thought so... I'd like to start with a scripture. This scripture is 1 Corinthians 11:15.  It reads,  "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her..."  From this wonderful scripture we can all clearly see that women should have long hair, because long hair is of great worth and is just like...glorious!
I hope this scripture is inspirational and everyone can learn from this.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

P.S. More inspiration coming soon.

Love ,
Elder Brimhall

Elder Brimhall having a little fun!

 What the heck?