Friday, January 20, 2012

While Elder Brimhall is serving the Lord full time I will ATTEMPT to keep all family and friends informed of what he is up to but we all know I can't even keep a family blog updated.
As many of you know it was a miracle that Chris was able to leave because he wasn't able to get a release from the military.  He had to postpone leaving for a month and was still waiting the "OK to leave" right up to the day of his departure.  After much fasting and prayer from family, friends and a great friend in the ward that sent out a text to as many friends of Chris' she could.  Chris was able to get the final OK to leave the day he was scheduled to leave.  (Of course Salt Lake had to pull out the "Big Guns" and have a retired Colonel call and tell them ask them to please let Elder Chris Brimhall leave for his mission). He left the very next day which was a day late and fine with us, we were just so grateful to FINALLY have the release!!

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